Acrophobia- fear of Heights Phobia

Today, we will be
talking about acrophobia which is also known as the fear of heights, so if you
are suffering from this type of phobia or knows anyone suffering from it, then
you are in the right place, because I will be taking you through the definition
of Acrophobia , the Symptoms of the fear of height Phobia and the cure and solution.

What is Acrophobia?
The fear of heights is called Acrophobia and it is derived
from two words ‘’Acro’’ and ‘’phobos’’, which means Heights and Fear
respectively, it is estimated that one in every adult suffers from these
Phobia. An Acrophobic person will be afraid of participating in any activity
that involves heights, these might affect there day to day activity. Take for instance;
an Acrophobic mechanic will be afraid of driving vehicles over bridges, a civil
engineer who is Acrophobic will also be afraid of climbing tall buildings
during building inspections
Symptoms of the Fear of Heights or Acrophobia
The fear of heights also known as acrophobia
comes with various symptoms depending on its intensity and the individual
involved, in an extreme condition one who as a phobia for heights might

be afraid in climbing an elevator, driving over a bridge, or
standing on the balcony of a very tall building, any attempt to do any activity
that involves heights will result into a rush of adrenaline into their Blood
stream leading to an increase of the heart Beat, dizziness , muscle tension,
panic attack, headache and vomiting might also occur.
In extreme cases, loss of breaths and thoughts of dying
might also occur
Causes of fear of heights
The main cause of Acrophobia also known as the fear of
heights is the thought of an Acrophobic person, have you heard the cliché “You
are what you think”, such a thought might arise from:
Past experience of a certain type of danger that
involves the individual
Watching of films
Hearsay experience of some other people
And such negative though that have been said to make people
Acrophobic include:
If I stand on the ledge I will be tempted to
jump or someone will push me over.
I will lose my balance.
The building structure is weak and will
collapse, or the elevator car will crash.
I will get dizzy or have a heart attack and
How to
Overcome the fear of height – Acrophobia
Many people who are Acrophobic have been looking for ways
by which they can face their fear and get rid of it, well, there are several
ways by which this can be done.
One common cure to Acrophobia is to face your fear, this is
done by putting yourself in a relaxed mood and they list out everything that
you think is responsible for you being Acrophobic, you may require the help of
a psychologist to actually get free of Acrophobia.
Another way to overcome the fear of height is to subject
yourself to heights itself over a period of time. This is the most common way
by which people get rif of Acrophobia, all you need do is to find the highest
maximum point you can witstand as an Acrophobic person, then increase these
height with time.
So lets say the highest floor you can go in a sky scrapper
is the second floor, try to familiarize yourself with that second floor for a certain
period of time, increase it to the third floor when you see that you no longer
have fear for the second floor, repeat that gradually until you finally
overcome your fear

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