Top 10 Phobias Of All Time

A phobia is an irrational or over hyped fear of something or a situation. Phobias may either be caused by numerous reasons including evolutionary traits and experiences from witnessing first hand or from being a victim of one and the common symptoms are dizziness, breathlessness and even panic attacks. Phobias are many! There seems to … Read more

How To Overcome Phobia – 3 Ways Out

To¬†overcome a phobia, a lot of confidence and determination is needed why? Well, because it is practically you facing your fears and summoning enough courage and willpower to get rid of those fears and live on normal and healthy! Sounds tough? No, it isn’t you’re halfway there already by just merely taking the step to … Read more

What is Nomophobia?

Nomophobia is the fear of being without or losing our phone. It is a very recent type of phobia caused by the growing population of phone users worldwide unlike many other phobias was gotten from two English words; NOMobilePHOBIA in full. Causes of the fear of being without a mobile phone phobia One of the … Read more

Trypophobia Test For All

The fear of holes, trypophobia is a type of phobia where the patient is afraid or rather irritated by clustered and irregular pattern of holes. I, along with 15% of the world’s population are said to be trypophobic, so you’re not alone!(if that makes you feel any better). Trypophobia was rumored to have been identified … Read more