Acrophobia- fear of Heights Phobia

Today, we will be talking about acrophobia which is also known as the fear of heights, so if you are suffering from this type of phobia or knows anyone suffering from it, then you are in the right place, because I will be taking you through the definition of Acrophobia , the Symptoms of the … Read more

Thalassophobia : Fear of the Ocean Phobia

Thalassophobia is real. The fear of large mass of waters is real. For a concise definition of thalassophobia, the term is the fear of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and other large water bodies that people dread. This fear has nothing to do with sex, age or whatever. Thalassophobia is a Greek word. Thalassa meaning oceans … Read more

Apeirophobia : The Fear of Infinity or Eternal

Apeirophobia is derived from the two Greek words “Apeiro” and “Phobos” meaning infinity and fear or aversion respectively. Hence, it is the fear of infinity, eternal or everlasting things such as life, death, heaven and so on. We are all going to die someday but for me, the mere thought of passing away and where … Read more

Thanatophobia : The Fear of Death Phobia

The fear of death also known as thantophobia or dying phobia is the irrational fear of dying. Of course, while its absolutely normal to be scared of death or dying since everyone will die at some point in time, people with this type of anxiety disorder or  phobia take the fear in a whole different … Read more

Fear Of Long Words Phobia

The fear of long words or  hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is derived from the greek words “hippopotamine”, “monstr” and “sesquippedali” meaning something very large, horrifying and a measurement of a foot and half length respectively. Most people often think this phobia is fictional but it is real. The human mind is capable of developing fears and phobias towards … Read more

What is a Phobia? Find Out What Phobias Are

A phobia is a severe anxiety or fear of something that in actuality may not pose any serious or actual danger take for instance the fear of bugs. A person that has a phobia for something (could be anything) usually shows general signs of phobia such as getting distressed, scared or causing irritations on their … Read more

Top 10 Phobias Of All Time

A phobia is an irrational or over hyped fear of something or a situation. Phobias may either be caused by numerous reasons including evolutionary traits and experiences from witnessing first hand or from being a victim of one and the common symptoms are dizziness, breathlessness and even panic attacks. Phobias are many! There seems to … Read more

How To Overcome Phobia – 3 Ways Out

To overcome a phobia, a lot of confidence and determination is needed why? Well, because it is practically you facing your fears and summoning enough courage and willpower to get rid of those fears and live on normal and healthy! Sounds tough? No, it isn’t you’re halfway there already by just merely taking the step to … Read more